Fine Art : Japanese Garden

Artist Statement

I became intensively interested in nature and started feeling enthusiastic about expressing it through my photographs.  It could be the beauty of nature, intercommunication of man and nature, and feeling toward nature.

A lot of my photographs are of landscapes.  The theme of this series is Japanese Animism, which is a reflection of ways ancient Japanese felt for nature.

Arrhythmic design of Japanese garden is in contrast to the garden of the West in which the emphasis is on geometrical form.  Japanese design implies a hidden meaning.

The spirit of ancient Japanese toward nature is reflected on things such as trees, rocks, and ponds.  Over many generations, the creator of the garden was trying to convey a message to present generation through the medium of the garden’s space and landscape.

In addition to the aesthetic form of the garden, I value creators’ feelings and respects for nature.  I am trying to reflect it on my photographs and convey such message for the audiences for them to feel peace and comfort.

This series is created by using infrared camera, which provides mystical images which are different from visible light.  Green grass and tree will appear as if they are white like snow and sky will change to black.

私は写真を通じて多くの人に、自然の美しさ、人と自然の関係、自然に対する考えを伝えたいと思うようになりました。私の作品は風景が多く、特にこのシリーズでは古来日本人の自然に対する考え(Japanese Animism)がテーマになっています。

西洋のsymmetry な規則的な配置の庭園に対して、日本庭園の不規則な構図は何かそれぞれに意味があるかの様に思えます。古来日本人の自然に対する考え方が、木、岩、池の配置に反映されています。それは作り手が長い時を経て空間、風景を通じ現代の我々に何かを伝えようとしているのです。